Overview of Stratex Environment for Microsoft Azure

StratexSystems hosts StratexPoint in the Microsoft Azure environment. We have dedicated resources to Azure which includes ongoing management through the management portal.

Through Azure Management Portal we can access our Cloud Service (hosted service) deployment and management tasks as well as at-a-glance status information that lets us know the overall health of our deployments and accounts. The Management Portal organises the components of our Azure deployments with constantly refreshed information that is easy to discover and understand.

Data Security Framework

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure. Azure was chosen for its’ ability to create comprehensive virtual environments, with import functionalities for applications from existing on premise hosted server systems, as well as providing solid data management features.

Azure is described as a "cloud layer" on top of a number of Windows Server systems, which use Windows Server 2008 and a customised version of Hyper-V, known as the Windows Azure Hypervisor to provide virtualization of services. Set as a cluster hosted at Microsoft's datacentres that manages computing and storage resources of the computers and provisions the resources (or a subset of them) to applications running on top of Azure.

Scaling and reliability are controlled by what is termed as Azure Fabric Controller. Services and the environment do not crash if one of the servers fails within the Microsoft datacentre and provides the management of the user's web application like memory resources and load balancing.

Azure is compliant with the E.U. Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC). Privacy and Security related concerns are managed in the Azure Trust Centre, and Azure has several of its services compliant with several compliance programs including ISO 27001:2005 and HIPAA. A full and current listing can be found on the Windows Azure Trust Centre Compliance page:

To view more information on Azure, please visit the Azure homepage: