Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is a popular and broad term which put simply, provides a framework for collaboration between the traditionally siloed functions of governance, risk management, and compliance. Michael Rasmussen, who coined the term “GRC” while at Forrester, states  "It is to get different business roles to share information and work in harmony"

With collaboration as the watch word for not only GRC, but also widely used strategy methodologies, like the Balanced Scorecard, Microsoft’s SharePoint was the natural development platform on which to build our solution. As a leader in five Gartner Magic Quadrants - Portal, Enterprise Content Management, Search, Business Intelligence and Social Computing - SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most successful enterprise solutions. It is also a solution around which a huge, and ever expending network of partners and application providers has focused development.

In the post-credit crunch age, many organizations are reviewing the technology they use for strategic processes, including GRC reporting.  Many of these organizations have SharePoint deployed but may not be fully leveraging their investment. StratexPoint is the only SharePoint application available today that fully supports and embeds collaboration into GRC processes. StratexPoint goes beyond traditional GRC solutions by offering a fully integrated performance and risk management solution that is specifically designed to support and align organization management information at both a strategic and operational level.