StratexPoint™ Combines Powerful Analytical & Web 2.0 Collaboration Capabilities

London – November 2, 2009 – Manigent, a thought leader in performance and risk management, today announced the availability of a unique application that empowers companies to effectively grow in economic challenging times and meet more intrusive regulatory environment that has begun to emerge as a result of the credit crunch.

StratexPoint was developed on Microsoft’s market-leading SharePoint 2007 platform and leverages Manigent’s Risk-based performance™ methodology. It integrates and aligns performance and risk management within a single, Web 2.0 application, enabling organisations to take an integrated, enterprise-level approach to tracking and managing performance objectives, risks and controls.

Manigent co-founder and Managing Director Andrew Smart said: “Organisations need a different type of performance and risk management solution - one that is based on a sound approach and the leading SharePoint technology platform. Functioning both as a business intelligence solution and a knowledge management solution, StratexPoint makes it easy to leverage SharePoint to deliver strategy, achieve performance targets, and manage risk.”

Leveraging the Power of SharePoint

StratexPoint is the only SharePoint 2007 application for performance and risk management, leveraging SharePoint’s powerful collaboration, workflow, auditing and document management capabilities. StratexPoint leverages SQL Server, Excel Service and PerformancePoint services to deliver powerful reporting, dashboarding and analytical capabilities.

Key Benefits

•    Deliver strategy and achieve performance targets 
•    Manage risk exposure against risk appetite 
•    Reduce costs by mitigating risk-related losses and eliminating misaligned projects 
•    Improve regulatory compliance, as well as capital management and utilisation 
•    Ensure compliance to TCF and other regulatory guidelines

About Manigent

Manigent is a different type of consultancy, one that bridges the gap between traditional management consultancies and technology vendors. We are a performance and risk management specialist delivering integrated business and technology solutions.

Through the combination of our thought leadership approach, Risk-based performance and unique software application StratexPoint, we are able to reduce our client’s project costs by, on average 30%, whilst improving the achievement of performance targets, reducing risk related losses and improving the cost and allocation of capital.

About StratexPoint

Manigent’s StratexPoint™ is a unique performance and risk management application combining powerful analytical and collaboration capabilities. Developed on Microsoft’s market leading SharePoint 2007 platform, StratexPoint is the only application specifically designed to integrate and align performance and risk management. It allows organisations to take an integrated, enterprise-level approach to managing and monitoring their performance objectives, risks and controls.

About Risk-based performance

Manigent’s Risk-based performance™ methodology is a proven strategic execution methodology which was developed by Manigent, in conjunction with its clients in the financial services industry. Building on the Balanced Scorecard and COSO frameworks, Risk-based performance integrates and aligns performance and risk management processes to enable organisations to manage the trade-off between risk and reward, and drive strategic execution.

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