A critical part of delivering performance targets and managing risk is managing and aligning the organisational change agenda, which can be made up of short term actions and longer term initiatives. Additionally, ensuring initiatives and actions are managed and aligned will reduce waste and save scarce capital.

Research shows that there is significant waste and room for improvements within organisations' capital expenditure related to actions and initiatives. Indeed it has been estimated that organisations waste between 20% - 40% of their capital expenditure through a lack of alignment. Therefore continuously managing the portfolio of initiatives and actions is a critical management activity.

StratexPoint is designed to provide a ‘lite touch’ approach to portfolio management, uniquely integrating initiatives and actions management within an overall performance and risk management solution.

The flexibility of the solution means organisations can deploy it in various ways; they can manage initiatives-related risks and controls, monitor the performance of initiatives, and continuously manage the alignment of the portfolio of initiatives. Specifically, users are able to:

· Align their initiatives to objectives, controls and risks

· Apply KPIs around each initiative

· Define risks and controls, with associated indicators and assessments for each initiative

· Define tasks for each initiative and link those initiatives to Microsoft project tools, including Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project 2007/2010