In a recently released research note on Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (EGRC) platform report, industry analyst, Gartner presented there EGRC ‘Magic Quadrant’.

In its opening paragraph the research report opens with two very interesting points; firstly it correctly suggests that the EGRC market has moved from its tactical focus of regulatory compliance to a strategic focus of enterprise risk management (ERM). Secondly, the research note suggests existing vendors are “looking forward to the next market phase, which includes adding or integrating with business performance management and scorecarding capabilities”

It is clear that a number of vendors are or will be looking to bolt-on business performance and scorecarding capabilities however this points to a key strength of StratexPoint – it is the only solution on the market today that was designed and built as an integrated solution. Integrating performance and risk management as core functionality.

This shows StratexSystems as a company and StratexPoint as a solution are ahead of the curve and delivering a solution today that other vendors will be promising for tomorrow.

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