Many people will be familiar with SharePoint as a place to store their documents and as their internet site, maybe providing a team or project with a specific workspace to enable collaboration. For many organisations delivering internet sites and document management is SharePoint’s role, however this underrates, and risks underutilising SharePoint.

As the diagram below shows, SharePoint is a platform which provides a range of collaboration and connected working capabilities. It is a platform that brings people together to work in a new and collaborative way to deliver business objectives.  

Like an ever-increasing number of software development companies, StratexSystems uses SharePoint as the base platform for its StratexPoint (On-premise)  and StratexLive (Cloud) solutions. This brings a range of benefits, both for us as a software developer but also to our clients. In particular, using SharePoint enable StratexSystems to deliver a solution that tightly integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and is aligned to your IT roadmap, enabling us to engage with a wider user base via a technology architecture and interface that is well known and very familiar. Thus leading to high user adoption rates and importantly, it reduces the lifetime cost of ownership of the application as it is managed collectively within the SharePoint platform and alongside other SharePoint applications rather than as a single, stand alone application that requires specialised resources.