This was the reaction of a senior board advisor who took a little time out of his busy schedule to review the roll-out of the StratexPoint solution at his organisation. As our consultants ‘walked through’ the solution they deployed at the end of rapid, 4 week deployment, the group of senior executives were clearly impressed with the speed that their large, manual spreadsheets had been transformed into a enterprise-wide risk management solution. As our consultants ticked off the high-level requirements of an ERM solution, there was a surprising reaction when we opened with a Strategy Map. "Strategy Maps; Wow I didn’t know SharePoint could do that!" This was the reaction from one senior board advisor. Of course, the Strategy Map was not SharePoint, it is a key dashboard within StratexPoint and StratexLive, and this single dashboard has positioned risk management as a key part of the board level strategy process.

Well done Team.