18th February 2013

StratexSystems announces that a FTSE 100 Company has invested in their StratexPoint Solution on Sharepoint to manage its cyber risk, support business objectives and provide information assurance to customers and shareholders.

StratexSystems, a provider of integrated strategy execution & risk management solutions, in conjunction with industry experts in cyber security and enterprise risk management, Templar Executives have released a unique and comprehensive cyber security application; designed for a FTSE 100 company to provide their senior executives and board with a holistic view of their organisational cyber security posture.

The tailored solution is known as CYSPEX (Cyber Strategic Programme Execution) CYSPEX enables organisations to monitor and manage the delivery of their cyber strategy while managing and mitigating the organisation’s cyber risks in line with their risk appetite. Not only does this ensure organisational information is secure and managed through its lifecycle, it also means information is delivered in a timely, relevant and valued manner.

StratexSystems CEO and Founder, Andrew Smart said: “With its focus on enabling business objectives, the CYSPEX solution is an innovative collaboration which embeds leading Cyber Security and Risk Management expertise into a template solution that provides a roadmap for any organisation wishing to improve their approach to cyber security whilst remaining focused on delivering its business strategy. We are pleased the organisation recognises the value of this solution and am looking forward to working with them on this project.”

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About StratexSystems

StratexSystems is one of the only software companies in the world to provide an integrated, Risk-based Performance solution powered by Microsoft's SharePoint platform.

Our goal is simple – to help businesses execute strategy while operating within their acceptable level of risk exposure.

Very few organisations are capable of obtaining a single enterprise-wide view of their performance and risk management information. Instead the tendency is to employ multiple tools that operate in silos; rarely communicate with one another; provide conflicting information; and contribute to poor decision-making.

We believe performance and risk are essentially different sides of the same coin. To effectively manage either, they must be managed as an integrated process with a single, integrated solution. StratexSystems provides that solution.

Some of the acitivities which are supported by our various solutions:

Defining strategy maps & strategic objectives. Conducting risk and control self-assessments. Defining, managing and monitoring the initiatives and actions which make up the organisational change agenda. Managing and monitoring KPI's, KRI's & KCI's using organisational and personal dashboards. Defining Balanced Scorecards, with KPI's, initiatives and actions. Defining and managing key emerging risks using risk maps. Defining and monitoring Risk Appetite Calculating, managing and monitoring the alignment of risk exposure to appetite. Define and manage operational processes and systems, and monitoring their performance, risk and controls.

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