Inviting senior business leaders to participate in crucial new research into the integrated management of risk in the strategy execution process.

The need to integrate risk management into the strategic and operational decision-making has never been so great as we move out of recession and focus on growth. Many boards and regulators are asking the question – are we in better shape now than 2008/09? Have the lessons been learnt and embedded. To generate this insight we have partnered with Manigent to undertake a global survey into the status of risk management & specifically how it has changed over the last 5 years.

The research will focus on the following areas;

Integrating risk into strategic and operational decision-making. Applying risk appetite as a Board level management and control tool, not so much a regulatory ‘tick-box’ exercise. Lessons learnt from the credit crunch and how they have been applied today.

The initial survey will take 10 minutes to complete and will provide you with: Insights into emerging best practice around the integration of risk management into organisational strategic and operational decision-making. Insights into the use of risk appetite and the expectations of regulators Guidance to enable you to compare your firm with your peers from a strategy execution and risk management approach perspective.

The research questionnaire can be found here:

Further information about the research can be found here:

The results of this research project will be made available to you via an interim report in May 2014. You will also have the opportunity to be interviewed face to face, after which a final report with a board briefing of findings will be made available to you.

Download the press release HERE

Should you have a question related to this research, or wish to partake in a short interview to aid us further, please drop us a line: William Rice 07795 196690 Manigent Research Leader, Colin Lobley 07795 196283