Pulling together into a single framework the two separate disciplines of strategy management and risk management, this book, written by StratexSystems CEO- Andrew Smart provides a practical guide for organisations to shape and execute sustainable strategies with full understanding of how much risk they are willing to accept in pursuit of strategic goals.

The book is available from Amazon and Palgrave Macmillan.

Book Reviews:

‘This is the best handbook I have read on Risk Based Performance Management… It equips the manager with the knowledge, tools and road maps to successfully develop and implement RBPM in their organization’

Kieran Rigby, CEO, GAB Robins Group, United Kingdom

‘Grounded in compelling research and rich practical experience, readers and their organizations will gain greatly from their insights.’

Brian Brodie, Former CEO, Homeloan Management Limited, United Kingdom

‘Risk management has been often overlooked in strategy literature despite its immense importance. Smart and Creelman argue convincingly why, and in the light of recent crises, risk management and strategy should be integrated and show how.’

Professor Hasan Cavusoglu, Ph.D. Sauder School of Business, Canada

‘Not only an essential read but a necessary culture for any business attempting to compete and succeed post the financial crisis era.’

Amer Shashati, Enterprise Risk Consultant, Saudi Telecom Group, Saudi Arabia

‘Risk-Based Performance Management is a must read for all Strategy Execution practitioners. The book has made a tangible contribution towards successfully integrating Enterprise Risk Management with Enterprise Performance Management.’

−Rafael Lemaitre, Partner, ShiftIn Partners, United Arab Emirates