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Ascendore announces the immediate availability of StratexPoint on SharePoint 2016 

Today, Ascendore is pleased to announce the release of the latest version, the 2016 edition, of its flagship Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solution, StratexPoint.

StratexPoint is the only integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software solution built on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform and the latest release; StratexPoint 2016 edition is built on Microsoft’s latest SharePoint platform, SharePoint 2016. 

In moving to SharePoint 2016, Ascendore has significantly improved the underlying technology platform and architecture of StratexPoint and re-engineered the design and user experience of the solution with an emphasis on simplification and further ease of use. 

Importantly, with this upgrade, Ascendore has put in place a technology platform which will support an ambitious development roadmap which will include additional functionality to meet new and emerging business and regulatory requirements. Additionally, this new platform lays the foundations for StratexStream, our planned External Loss & GRC Benchmarking data service.

Ascendore has been developing StratexPoint on the Microsoft SharePoint platform for several years and SharePoint was chosen as a platform to address three key challenges in the market; 

  • Lower the barrier to user adoption 
  • Support the embedding of risk and compliance processes within the business
  • Provide risk and compliance reporting in line with other management reporting processes and outputs

Andrew Smart, Founder and CEO of Ascendore, says “with the release of StratexPoint 2016, we continue our long track-record of delivering innovative risk and compliance solutions on easy to use, everyday office technologies. This release includes enhancements in the user experience with the adoption of SharePoint tiles that are a key navigational feature which lays the foundations for the rapid evolution of our solution going forward, including our new risk and compliance data services”

StratexPoint 2016 is available for use immediately either deployed On-Premise, Hosted or on the Cloud. 


StratexPoint is an Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution designed to support the embedding of GRC processes and practices into the day-to-day decision-making culture of the business.

It is built on the ubiquitous Microsoft SharePoint platform and provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities in areas such as Enterprise Performance Management, Enterprise Risk Management including Operational Risk Management, Conduct Risk Management, 3rd Part Risk Management and Regulatory Risk, Regulatory Change Management, Compliance Management and Risk-Based Internal Audit. 

StratexPoint supports each of the three lines of defence; the solution is comprehensive in nature but modular in deployment, delivering a high ROI, high user adoption and high levels of assurance to the Board and Regulator(s) that you are operating within risk appetite.

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Ascendore is a regtech software business providing Integrated Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) solutions to leading financial services firms and their regulators. We enable firms to eliminate their cumbersome spreadsheet systems, improve risk & compliance monitoring and reporting while driving cultural change, embedding accountabilities and developing a risk-based decision-making culture. 

We primarily work with visionary Chief Risk Officers within financial services firms as they seek to transform their approach to risk and regulatory compliance. We also work with some of the industry’s leading regulators as they seek to implement a Risk-based supervisory approach. 

Our solutions are built on familiar office platforms, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, the Cloud, thus reducing deployment time and costs, reducing the barriers to adoption and enabling GRC processes and accountabilities to be successfully embedded within the business.

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