We believe that risk management and compliance must enable strategy execution and value creation, not simply tick regulatory boxes.

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Monitor Compliance

The regulatory and compliance landscape has changed dramatically, and continues to change as does regulatory fines and other penalties. Taking a box-ticking approach, built around ad hoc spreadsheets or manual processes with disparate ways of working doesn’t meet regulatory or board demands; and does deliver business value.  

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Manage Risk

Managing risk, specifically enterprise and operational risk has emerged as business critical over the last 10 years. The role of CRO has emerged as a critical member of any executive team. 

The risk landscape continues to evolve with greater focus on risks such as Conduct Risk, Cyber Risk, Vendor or 3rd Party risk. 

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Execute Strategy

With increased business uncertainty, challenging economic circumstances, rapid technological change and rapid innovation, the ability to align operationally and execute strategy within clearly defined risk appetite boundaries is a critical management discipline and the key to delivering business value.