SharePoint is an information management and sharing platform that provides a range of collaborative and connected working capabilities. It is a platform that brings people together. Many organisations see it as a document sharing platform and/or a platform for their intranet which can be updated and managed by non-IT professionals. However, this significantly understates the capabilities of SharePoint. It truly is a Swiss army knife platform that can be deployed to meet a very wide range of business requirements, very quickly and often with limited dependency on ‘the IT department’.

We chose SharePoint as the platform for our Integrated GRC solution because we believe that risk management, performance management, compliance and other aspects of an Enterprise GRC solution come down to the businesses culture. SharePoint’s heritage as a collaboration platform is important because it allows our solution to be reinforce the new culture at all levels of the organisation.

SharePoint is widely deployed within organisations and has a large number of regular users. StratexPoint automatically picks up the branding of the customer’s SharePoint environment. This lowers the barriers to adoption significantly and makes it easy for business users to engage in the risk management process and to collaborate in real-time with the risk team.